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Follow-up letters, sales letters


After the enquiry and reply, a supplier may consider an announcement or follow-up letter necessary to keep the buyer interested. The announcement might be about a reduction in price, improved discounts for bulk purchase, a reminder that demand is high and stocks are in short supply, or information about an addition to the range of goods which the supplier can offer.


Figure 22

An announcement from Standard Office Furniture Ltd. to AQ Electronics following their previous correspondence.




























The follow-up is often a sales letter, an advertisement praising a product, for example. Sometimes it is an offer of a free sample. Sometimes it is to arrange a visit by a representative. (We are not talking about unsolicited sales letters here. Unsolicited sales letters are not sent in response to an enquiry. An unsolicited sales letter is often a circular sent to thousands of addresses, advertising a product.)










Figure 23
































In many types of business it is the practice of the seller to offer goods to his regular customers and to others who may be interested, without waiting for an enquiry. Similarly, suppliers regularly make special offers of goods when prices are particularly favourable. In these cases the customer's interest has to be aroused.














Figure 24

Battery manufacturer’s offer to overseas dealer































1. Focusing attention. Note these sentences:

We would like to inform you of price reductions for our filing cabinets.



To avoid delay in despatch, perhaps you would like to order as soon as possible?




We would particularly like to draw your attention to our new range of cars.



Make statements and questions similar to a and b for the following:

1. (statement)  Inform/the latest development in filing systems

2. (question)    Enclose/a detailed statement of costs?

3. (statement)  Help/in every possible way

4. (question)   Visit/our stand at the Milan Trade Fair?

5. (statement)  Forward/brochures on this model under separate cover

6. (question)    Send/your representative to visit us?

7. (statement)  Receive/further instructions from you about shipment

8. (question)    Telex/your instructions as soon as possible?

9. (statement)  Despatch/the goods from Southampton

10. (question)  Confirm/these arrangements with your bank's correspondents in London?


Focus attention on:

1. New L60 model

2. New system of ordering

3. An improved 15% discount for bulk orders

4. A new introductory discount

5. The latest range of stainless steel knives

6. A new supply of Ceylon tea

7. A new price-formation policy

8. A drop in the interest rate

9. A change in manpower policy

10. Diminishing stocks


2. Note these sentences:

We would like to help you if possible. For example, / For instance, we could arrange a demonstration in your office.





Make similar sentences, giving or quoting examples.

1. There are various methods of payment in International Trade. You can use a Letter of Credit.

2. In a letter placing an order, you must request special documents. You must request an invoice.

3. A sales letter often gives many extra details. It often gives details of price reductions.

4. A follow-up letter often offers special services.

5. A company representative performs many useful functions

6. A heading in a letter may be unhelpful for various reasons.

7. An announcement to regular customers is sometimes necessary.

8. A Pro-Forma Invoice may be necessary for some important orders.

9. An immediate acknowledgement of an order is essential in many cases.

10. A bulk purchase of goods is quite economical for many reasons.


3. Offering. Note this sentence:

We are offering / We can offer / We are able to offer a special discount for this model.



Make similar sentences offering:

1. Free delivery in the London area

2. A discount of 11%

3. Free samples

4. A discount of 12% on all orders above $500

5. A visit from your representative

6. A special discount of 5% on all orders received before 5 May

7. A free demonstration in your own show-room

8. A discount on all models in the same price range

9. Partial delivery to London

10. Promotional gifts


4. Expressing hope. Note this sentence:

We hope (that) you will be pleased with the catalogue.




Express hope:

1. That your customer will be pleased with the samples you are sending him

2. That your customer will decide to order the clothes illustrated in your new catalogue

3. That you will be able to supply your customer again in the coming year

4. That the customer will order from the new catalogue

5. That your customer will decide to place a bulk order with you

6. That your customer will be pleased with the quality of the goods

7. That your customer will be pleased with an improved 5% reduction

8. That you will be able to book the order in the nearest future

9. That your customer will be pleased with the free samples you’ve sent them

10. That your customer will be pleased with the demonstration you arranged last month




Exercise 1. Note the phrases used in announcements:

as soon as possible We shall send the goods as soon as possible. (as quickly as we can)

in demand Heavy overcoats are in demand in winter. (a large number of people want them)

in short supply Tomatoes are in short supply in December. (there are not enough of them)

in stock We have the goods in stock. (in the store or warehouse, ready for delivery)

into effect (come into effect) The new law comes into effect next January. (it will be the law, or rule).

out of stock We would like to supply you with the goods, but unfortunately we are out of stock.

under separate cover We have sent a sample of the material under separate cover (in a different envelope or package).


Insert the correct phrases in the following letter.

Dear Sirs


We thank you for your order of the 22nd June. We enclose a catalogue and price list. We have also sent a catalogue of our range of tinned vegetables (1) … as it was too big to enclose with the other documents.


Our tinned fruit products are (2) … at the moment, since it is the middle of summer, which is our busiest season for fruit. Because of this, tinned peaches and grapefruit are (3) … , and we cannot satisfy all our customers’ demands. In fact, our grapefruit products are almost (4) … .


We can recommend apricots, which fortunately we have (5) … at the moment.


We would like to draw your attention to our new discounts for bulk purchase, which came (6) … on June 1st.


Because of our special seasonal difficulties, we would be pleased to receive your order (7) … .


Yours faithfully


















Exercise 2. Below there are parts of two letters. Put the correct word or phrase in each blank. Choose from the following list. Use each item once only.




clear our stock


complete range

draw your attention

first order


in a position

in strict rotation

market price

special discount

special price list

stocks last

took advantage

a. Wholesaler's special offer of woollen blankets



b. An announcement













Exercise 3. Fill in the missing prepositions in the offer below:



















Exercise 4. Complete the letters below with suitable words.

a. Announcement:

Mr Leblanc                                                                                                    Your ref: DL/ML

17 rue St Denis                                                                                              Our ref: HH/DR


France                                                                                                           (1) ………………


Dear (2) ……

We are (3) …… a copy of our furniture catalogue, which includes (4) …… of all our latest models.

We would (5) …… to our Snowy range of bedroom furniture (6) …… on page 26.

We (7) …… a discount of 5% on (8) …… over $1000.

We hope (9) …… and look (10) ……

Yours (11) ……

H Hampton

H Hampton

Export Manager

Enc: (12) ……

















b. Sales letter:

Dear Sirs

We (1) … to your enquiry of October 12th in which you (2) … that you wished to modernize your office filing system, possibly using some of our (3) … .

The (4) … is yours, of course, but we would like to help you to decide, if possible.

For example, we could arrange a (5) … of the installation of type TW37 in your office or (6) … . You could then see for yourself the great advantages of our unique pull-out tray system, which has the greatest possible ease of handling for easy reference.

Our (7) … in Barcelona could call on you (8) … a week to arrange a demonstration and he will be in (9) … with you within the next few days.

If we can be of (10) … in any other way, please let us know. Your (11) … will receive immediate (12) … .

Yours faithfully

P.J. Morris

P.J. Morris

Sales Manager














Exercise 5. Use the following notes to compose a follow-up letter:











Exercise 6. Translate into English.

Уважаемые господа,

Мы полагаем, что Вы получили наш каталог, прайс-лист и спецификацию арматуры, которые мы выслали Вам 18 октября.

Мы отправили Вам отдельным отправлением список доступных скидок. Особо хотим обратить Ваше внимание на 5% скидку на алюминиевую арматуру интересующего Вас класса, которая вступает в действие 1 ноября.

Данная скидка действует на всех европейских рынках, поэтому мы ожидаем резкого увеличения спроса на нашу продукцию. Это значит, что очень скоро начнет ощущаться недостаток арматуры данного класса.

Мы указываем стоимость доставки СИФ Брайтон, и Вы не можете не согласиться, что они значительно ниже, чем у других производителей аналогичной продукции не только в Германии, но и в других странах.

Во избежание задержки с отгрузкой, предлагаем Вам сделать заказ как можно быстрее.

Если мы можем помочь Вам каким-либо образом, пожалуйста, сообщите нам.

Мы надеемся я на получение Вашего заказа в ближайшем будущем.











1. acknowledgement

2. ample stocks

3. announcement

4. arrange a visit / demonstration

5. as from /of

6. available

7. bank transfer

8. banker’s representative/ bank’s correspondent

9. be effective

10. be in demand

11. be in effect

12. be in short supply

13. be in stock - 1) в ассортименте  2) в наличии на складе

14. be of assistance

15. be out of stock – не иметь на складе; не иметь в наличии

16. be valid

17. be/get in touch with

18. book an order

19. cancel the order

20. circular

21. clear out stock

22. come into effect

23. currency CY

24. currency fluctuations

25. decline in n.

26. depleted stocks

27. diminishing stocks

28. dispatch v, n

29. drop in rate

30. favourable prices

31. follow-up letter

32. forward

33. free delivery

34. free sample

35. improved discount

36. in rotation

37. interest rate

38. introductory discount

39. invoice

40. Irrevocable / Documentary Letter of Credit (L/C; l.c.)

41. market price

42. method of (communication, payment)

43. offer

44. partial delivery

45. price reduction

46. price-formation policy

47. promotional gift

48. receive immediate attention 

49. reduced price

50. reduction

51. response

52. sales letter

53. settlement

54. state (one’s wish)

55. statement of cost

56. stocks last

57. supply n

58. unsolicited

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