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SEX TOURISM ….Thailand….

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• Sex tourism is tourism, partially or fully for the purpose of having sex, often with prostitutes. And sometimes, the whole idea which underlies this growing industry might be, by traveling abroad, one can do anything with foreigners that they cannot do at home.

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• They believe, that the first wave of sex tourism appeared to be in in Rome in the late 1840s, at the same time as first wave feminism, which encouraged independence and travel. • Coincident with the explosion of leisure travel in the 1960s and second wave feminism, sex tourism by women re- ignited, first via French Canadian women traveling to Barbados and Swedish and Northern European women to Spain, Greece, Yugoslavia and the Gambia.

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The fact that some men are eager to find sexual adventures with some warm-blooded women is wide-spread. But according to some modern tendencies women are prone to travel for sex as well. Such trips may be referred to as “romance tourism”. They typically involve sex with locals from the holiday destination country, as opposed to with other tourists, possibly from their own country

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Social reasons for women seeking promiscuous and no-strings-attached sex abroad include the dating war, as typified by extreme competition between the sexes in schools, the workplace, while dating, in marriages, and even in contentious divorces. The dating war appears especially to drive sex tourism by Australian and Japanese women, and to a lesser extent, German and Scandinavian female tourists.

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The primary destinations for sex tourism are Southern Europe (mainly Italy, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Croatia, Spain), the Caribbean (led by Jamaica, Barbados and the Dominican Republic), Southeast Asia, (Bali in Indonesia and Phuket in Thailand), and Gambia and Kenya in Africa. Thailand, the Dominican Republic and Cuba are exceptional in that both male and female sex tourists use these countries.

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THAILAND. • One of the significant parts of tourism industry in Thailand is SEX TOURISM. Speaking about Thailand today we don’t bear in our minds beautiful local beaches and mountains and one of the best nature sceneries in the world. Instead, Thailand became the synonym for sex tourism, forced prostitution, trafficking of women, poverty, illiteracy and other related subjects.

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Sex tourism comes in two forms: either tourist go on their own arrangement or through Sex tour companies, who organize trips for their customers to another country for the primary purpose of engaging in prostitution. This is the most popular – and is done through promotional materials of sex tour companies like their websites, brochures, videos and the "entertainment" events they organize, ably demonstrate how sex tour companies contribute to the exploitation and objectification of women and women's bodies by promoting prostitution and pornography.

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• Sex tourism is not just happening in Thailand but is happening on a global scale. With an estimated $1 billion per year business worldwide. Sex tours originate mainly from Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United States, among others, and go to developing countries including the Philippines, Thailand, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Being integrated into the economy and society, this form of sex industry has been said to bring an approximately 11million us dollar annually.

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So why Thailand is so popular with this kind of industry ? During the Vietnam War in the 1960s, the US department of defense had a contract with the Thai government to provide ‘recreation and relaxation’ for the U.S. soldiers. With the finance being provided from the U.S. officials, the local Thai prostitution organized and expanded into a major industry. By the time the war ended in 1976, sex-industry establishments had expanded across the county and tourism was promoted in order to gain foreign exchange.

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Thailand was advertised to male foreign tourists as a place where they could indulge in sexual services, while at the same time it remained common for Thai men to visit brothels. Thus commercial sex became a huge business in Thailand, and quickly evolved into a well- organized industry supported by powerful entities. In 1975, the World Bank built an economic plan for Thailand around the sex tourism industry, which helped turn sex tourism into the country's number one export.

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• Sometimes women or young girls are forced to become prostitutes due to poverty, debt bondages, unemployment etc. Sometimes they are kidnapped by traffickers and forced to end up in a brothel or place like that. Due to poverty, some families in rural areas of Thailand, in particular northern part of it,, sale their girls to the pimps to get some money. • Sex tourism is like multinational industry, as its extracting enormous profit from underpaid local labor like theses girls. That’s why what happens to the body of a 15 year old from a village of Thailand doesnt create any concern.

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• The idea that Thailand has become one of the world’s biggest sex industries has meant that men are visiting Thailand just for cheap sex, regardless of whom with. Men are using women as services, Women and girls are at their command The women of the sex industry in Thailand are advertised to male foreigners as object in which one's sexual desires can be indulged ‘however you like’. Thai women are being exploited under the assumption that they are powerless objects that men can use for their own pleasurable It seems that to most tourist men, Thai prostitutes are the perfect women, they have no answers, no questions, no future, no right.

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Men will stop making sexual trips if they find the sex workers here have the same attitude as those in their own countries and charge the same high prices. This is only highly paid job available to Thai women. Its not all Thai women works in sex industry however, as there is good money into it some Thai women, especially poor one feel that they donᾼt have any other choice but to join this industry

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