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Тест №3


Задание №1

1. What infuriates me most of all is speaking to an indifferent secretary.

2.  There is some difference between personal contact and communication by phone. Moreover, the latter can be much more difficult.

3.  The management of a recruiting agency takes steps to train the staff telephone conversation.

4. The need for greeting from the company extends to every secretary and to organizations of all levels. There are reasons for a person's misbehavior on the phone. They are most probably three. I can lose nerve if someone makes me wait and doesn’t speak politely. The last reason is being connected (with voicemail. In my view these are the most common irritating things.

5. For the last years mobile telephone usage has increased dramatically. Mobile telephones have become an important means of communication.

6. If you are short of time you may make a contract by phone.

7. According to the opinion of interviewees hopes of people that improve living standards are increasing.

8. Making a dental appointment is made only by phone



Задание №2

1. The brand connected with expensive high-quality goods, refers to exclusive...

2. Knowledge which consumers have about a brand – it is their advantage...

3. A person who is responsible for planning and management of a brand is manager...

4. The tendency of a buyer to continue buying the certain goods shows its preferences...

5. "Volvo" – is well-designed, prestigious, safe machine. It is its advantage....

6. Brand with the greatest share in the market refers to as the leader

7. The information are ideas and beliefs, which consumers have about a brand.

8. The aim of an advertising campaign is to enhance recognition of a brand so that buyers have learned our production better.

9. "Levies" which has already been recognized more than 100 years and is known all over the world is an example of a brand....

10. Use of an a success brand for other type of the goods refers to franchising...

11. A known brand with a long history of lifetime is a leader...

12.  "Suchard" is a brand-lux of the Swiss chocolate.


Задание №3

1. delay the flight because of the weather conditions;

2. to stand in a queue to register one's luggage;

3. to depart on schedule;

4. strike of the flight attendance;

5. flight diversion, caused by weather conditions;

6. flight diversion because of  excessive reservation of tickets..


Задание №4

1. This year the company " Petmol " has launched a new range of dairy products on the market. To draw attention of buyers, it has made an advertising campaign in a place of sale where free-of-charge samples of various dairy production were offered children and adults.


2. Large manufacturers of sportswear and footwear often invite celebrities to support their goods. Such method of advertising causes instant reaction, promotes the goods on the market and increases demand at them.


3. There are different means of advertisement distribution. Companies can use TV, radio, newspapers, directories and public transport.


 4. When it is necessary to capture a wide target audience, advertisers send out advertising materials, such as leaflets, brochures in which the helpful information of the goods and services contains.


5. The most effective means is oral advertising when we learn about  new goods and services from our friends and colleagues.


6. I think, that colourful, glaring packing and a new slogan for our confectionery products will like buyers, and TV advertising will convince them to buy our goods, as they of better quality, than the goods of competitors.


 7. Before to launch new goods on the market, it is necessary to make marketing research and to define target consumer.


8. Some known companies, such as "Benetton" "Lacosta", used inadmissible methods of advertising to promote the goods on the market. Bright advertising of these companies' goods, printed in press and placed on huge boards, were not only shocking, but also offensive.


9. We have decided to use posters for giving wide publicity to hockey competitions.


Задание №5

1. The marital status

2. Group ofblood

3. Handwriting

4. Appearance

5. Age

6. Floor

7. Experience

8. Communications

9. Qualification

10. Recommendauons

11. Mind

12. Character

13. Astrological sign

14. History ofthe trапsfепеd diseases

Biographic dat


Задание №6

1. At 2.35 pm, flight 767 according to the timetable was ready to leave for Ibiza.

2. All the passengers of economy class were aboard, waiting for a takeoff in pretty space-limited environment and dreaming of soon hotel accommodation.

3. At 6.10 pm the aircraft was still on the takeoff runway.

4. Two Business Class passengers hadn't boarded. If people check in but don't board all the luggage must be unloaded.

5.  The air stewards showed out annoying and displeased passengers of the plane and made them to identify their luggage.

6.  At the end there were two pieces of luggage left. The situation was about to cause conflicts.

7.  Just then, both missing Business Class passengers appeared. Sitting in the far away they misunderstood the announcement of flights and thought that their flight was delayed.


Задание №7

1. If the firm does not invest in researches, the firm production will become outdate quickly.

2. If we improve quality of the goods, we will increase sales.

3. I agree to work 7 days  a week if I am paid 3 times more for days off.

4. We will be agree to sign a new contract only  if you increase our salary by 5 %.

5. You will not be let in restaurant if you don’t be in a suit and a tie.

6. We will stop the meeting if there is nothing to discuss.

7. If you make the order now, you will receive a free-of-charge gift.

8. This method will yield good results if only we have qualified workers.

9. They should change range of the goods if they want to be competitive.

10.  If we enter the Indian market our turnover will increase considerably. Задание №8


sole trader C


акционерное общество (с ограниченной ответственностью)


caring attitude F


открытое акционерное общество


limited company, corporation A


индивидуальное частное предприятие


private limited company



товарищество с ограниченной ответственностью


public limited company



товарищество с неограниченной ответственностью


unlimited partnership E


внимательное, заботливое отношение


limited partnership D


закрытое акционерное общество


unlimited liability for business debts K


продавать личное имущество


shareholder/ hold shares



выбирать правление, совет директоров


elect the Board of Directors I


фондовая  биржа


stock exchange J


неограниченная финансовая ответственность, финансовые обязательства за долги


sell personal assets H


акционер / держатель акций


Тест №6


Задание №1


1. I’m just phoning (D) to make sure about an appointment date.

2. When spelling something on the telephone (G) one should make pauses/pause between pronounced letters or numbers.

3. Being in a great hurry of making an excuse (F) he nearly forgot to give his name.

4. I always make notes of my appointments (A) so that I could look them up in my diary

5. I’m really sorry about (H) wasting your time and your waiting for too long.

6. The reason I’m calling (E) is checking an appointment with sales manager and having his name.

7. A caller may leave a message (B) if a particular person is out.

8. Intonation on the telephone (C) must be friendly and polite.


Задание №2


1. Marketing orientation- маркетинговая ориентация

2. Customer oriented- ориентированный на покупателя

3. Brand manager- бренд-менеджер

4. Product range- торговый ряд

5. Promoting the product- продвижение товара

6. Sales outlet- торговая точка

7. Sales department- отдел продаж

8. Advertising- рекламирование

9. Marketing mix- маркетинг-микс

10. Product manager- менеджер товара

11. Customer needs- потребности покупателя

12. Research and development- исследования и разработки


   Задание №3


1. Соnnect me with mister Black

2. Appoint me more suitable time

3. Postpone the meeting on a 12:00

4. Let him call me back

5. Afraid something happened

6. Leave the message on the answer machine

7. His number always busy


Задание №4


1. Моторная компания «Харлей-Дайвидсон» выпускает свои известные мотоциклы с 1903г.

2. На следующей неделе наша компания собирается выполнить исследование  рынка, чтобы определить потребности покупателей.

3.  Специалисты старше 30 лет наиболее вероятно представляют целевой рынок.

4. На сегодняшний день «Эрикссон», глобальный лидер в мобильной связи, создает модели аксессуаров, чтобы помочь вам получить лучшее от своего телефона.

5. Эта компания обеспечивает покупателей главными технологиями и качеством более чем в 130 странах.

6. Наша компания нанесла ущерб репутации, когда два главных клиента перешли к агентствам конкурентов.

7. Хорошо известный, дорогой производитель, изготавливает парфюм для обоих полов, с био-разлагающейся упаковкой.

8. Знаменитые архитекторы создают художественный дизайн на автобусных остановках и киосках в виде дисплея (постера) на них.


9.  Это своего рода новшество, которое привлекает новый класс рекламодателей.


Задание №5


(1) complain that they (2) can give only vague hints of what they (3)are suppose to do.

(4) motivate, (5) consider this one third of your life (6) spent

(7) is conducting….(8) conducted…(9) are…(10) is account

(11) involved and (12) feel…(13) will win…(14) will be

(15) influenced.


Задание №6


1. Now days in Europe are very little barriers for a trade and free trade, opened boarders and reducing governmental regulation of trade became a norm.

2. However, lots of other countries make the protectionism policy to protect or develop strategy important and new weak braches of industry.

3. For this, they enact quotas on import, raise import customs duties and use other limits which prevent the import goods, which have comparative advantage to take a big part of the market.

4. However but in general in Europe observing a tendency for the liberalization of trade and development of one market.

5. Some countries make a trade blocks (unions)



  Задание №7


1. The chocolate barn enfolded in a foil has been thoroughly tasted in the focus-goup…


2. ...to rate the effect.

3. …highest quality chocolate barn…to produce out on sale.

4. … start with telling the reasons because of which we produce out goods on the market…move to….show in general.

5. organized focus-group.


 Задание №8


1. The employeers who have pc can easy connect to web resources.

2. The companies needs in protection of information, that’s why confidential dates collected in a pc must be locked (coded).

3. Modern approach to business gives more benefits because it’s concentrated on a high production.

4. Faulty equipment fast highlighted and changing.

5. Incompetence in legal questions and questions about taxes might seriously damage the reputation of the firm.

6. Information technologies till now are staying as a big secret in many countries.

7. U should know a password to run the system before the work of the pc.

8. Every years Oscar premium’s in American movie-industry highlight the winners from the best shown candidates.



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