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Mission of company

Social function of our company activity is to take active care of the development of a person on different stages of his life, starting from the very first months. We are striving to be influential and important conductors of innovation solutions, satisfying consumer needs and intentions towards improvement of quality of life.


Our trademarks and our employees are the reason of success of Vitmark. Our company is its employees and main values which they live for.


· Intention and ability of the employees to form the vision of target and reach personal and team result

· To unite, inspire and lead the team of persons holding the same views towards reaching the purpose

· Energy, persistence and search for possibilities

· Constant striving to be the best, to exceed the standards, to set extra tasks to oneself


· High speed of working out and implementing new ideas and technologies

· Constant striving towards improvement


· Constant growth of professionalism and competence

· Promotion of initiative

· Education

· Carrier growth inside the company


· Loyal and faithful relationship with the company

· Love for the company

· Unconditional share of company values

· Pride to be working for the company

· Readiness to defend the company interests as if they were one’s own

· Care about the company and the employees


· Readiness to sacrifice personal interests in order to achieve the purposes set to the team

· Efficient interrelation in order to achieve the purpose

· Mutual readiness to help and mutual assistance




History of company

Holding company “Vitmark” is the largest Ukrainian manufacturer of juices, nectars, juice beverages, baby food, puree-like and concentrated convenience foods.

· The year of foundation is – 1994.

· The share of the Holding company in the JND market is - 25%.

· Corporate cash flows in 2007 comprised of UAH 724 million.

Сок джаффа

The main production plant of the company “Vitmark-Ukraine” is Odessa Baby Food Cannery. The choice of the very plant was conditioned by its unique production capabilities and the excellent reputation of the plant – the leader of the Soviet Union market in the field of baby food production – confirmed the rightness of the choice.

Сок джаффа


In the 90-ies the plant reaches a new phase of progress – the company “Vitmark-Ukraine” reconstructs the plant, equips it with the newest Western machinery and starts the preparation for the production of the high-quality juices under “Jaffa” trademark.

As a result, in May 1995 the first package of “Jaffa” juice comes from the production line. It happened to be a real sensation as none of the manufacturers in Ukraine had not produced juices in carton package before that.

At the same time the company starts selling its production throughout the territory of the post-Soviet area as well as to the distant countries such as USA, Israel, America, Australia, Canada, and Turkey.

Сок джаффа

In 2002 the company produces the juice called “The Juice of Odessa Baby Food Cannery”. Its uniqueness consisted and still has its effect in the ascetic package of white color in which it had been produced which marks out considerably the specified product of the other juices. Saving on package design enabled to make it a high-quality low-price juice.

Сок джаффа

In January 2006 the company produces a new line of juices and nectars of the premium quality called “Jaffa Select” in the package size called Tetra Prisma 1l, which had been characteristic only to expensive juices before that.

On the 20th December 2006 public corporation “Odessa Baby Food Cannery” launches a new product into the market – vegetable and fruit juices and puree for baby food.

By the end of 2006 the company “Vitmark-Ukraine” made an unexpected present to its consumers, having offered an absolutely new product in its product line – canned fruit in light syrup called “Jaffa Selected Fruit”.

Сок джаффа

In December 2007 the company has obtained an official membership in the Global Agreement of the United Nations. Thus, the company has made a decision that it follows and will follow in its activity the standards of the social responsibility of business which had been declared in the Global Agreement of the United Nations.

Nowadays, the products of “Vitmark” are exported to 15 countries worldwide, located on 3 continents (Eurasia, North America, and Australia).

The company has been implementing a program of development of Odessa Baby Food Cannery producing capacity for the12 years. The plant has been already equipped with Italian, Finnish, Swedish and German machinery.

In 2007 the enterprise celebrated its 140th anniversary from the time of foundation of Odessa Baby Food Cannery.

Strong energetic people, who are really fond of their job, longing for success and professional promotion, are working for the company. Extensive and friendly personnel of the company comprise of more than 3000 people.

Representative Offices

Head office of “Vitmark-Ukraine” company is located in Odessa. Its regional representative offices are opened in 12 biggest cities of Ukraine: Kiev, Odessa, Lvov, Simferopol, Kharkov, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Lugansk, Rovno, Zaporozhe, Khmelnitsky, Nikolayev

Сок джаффа


Products «Vitmark» now exported to 20 countries around the world, located on 3 continents (Eurasia, North America, Australia).

Jaffa Select

Jaffa Select product line consists of natural juices made from selected fruits. Jaffa Select fruits contain the variety of flavors for the active and the successful people.

If you are demanding to the quality and the taste of products you are consuming, Jaffa Select is for you! Create the perfect mood for yourself and the feeling of holiday at any time of your life.

Jaffa Natura

Jaffa Natura product line is a primary taste and advantage of the natural fruits. Enjoying the natural flavor of juice – is not it a real union with the nature?

Are you striving to maintain high energy, activity, communicability and be successful? Natural quality of Jaffa Natura is especially for you.

Jaffa Fresh Up

Jaffa Fresh Up - fresh fruit delight, bringing good mood and joy of life!

The new taste sensations experienced from Jaffa Fresh Up are like another holiday, a journey to the land of freshness and great flavor. Gain life energy from Jaffa Fresh Up, be up-to-day, care for yourself and your health.

Jaffa Viva

Jaffa Viva product line is fruit and vegetable juices with no sugar. Forget about excessive calories!

Jaffa Viva is high quality product for health and beauty. The juice is aimed first of all at the modern women. If you are striving to reach success and self-realization, if you take care of yourself – these are tasty and healthy juices for you.

Jaffa Ice Tea

Jaffa Ice Tea

Jaffa Ice Tea is the unique collection of tea-drinking traditions from all over the world.

We colected the recipes of preparation of different sorts of tea from all the most distant corners of the world.

Therefore, each bottle of Jaffa Ice Tea is nothing but a real parcel, in which one has packed the freshest tea leaves and unique components of tea recipes from various countries!

Jaffa Selected Fruit

Jaffa Selected Fruit canned fruit preserve the taste, the color and the flavor of fresh tropic fruits

We suggest for your attention the series of the most popular fruits canned in light syrup. If you are a man of taste, if you like to pamper yourself – this is an offer for you.

Jaffa Spring

Jaffa Spring – novelty of the year 2009 from Jaffa!

Jaffa Spring - is the first in Ukraine 100% natural fruit sparkling drink!

Only natural ingredients are included, due to the new aseptic production technology: - No preservatives and synthetic coloring agents - 10% Jaffa juice content - Addition of herbal extracts PET-package formats are designed both for individual and home consumption (0,5 litres and 1,5 litres)


Is it possible that water combines flavour and favour and still keep its natural vival qualities? Yes, if it is Aquarte


Aquarte is water for those who seek more than mere thirst quenching. It is crystal-clear spring water, to which we added delicate fruit flavour and natural fruit extracts.

Nash Sik


From now on, the popular Odessa juice will have its own name – OUR JUICE

«Our Juice» is a 100% natural product. It fully corresponds with the norms of healthy nutrition, and contains only the most thoroughly selected fruits and vegetables, grown especially for Odessa Baby Food Cannery on the ecologically-pure land in the southern part of Odessa region. “Our Juice” is rich in vitamins and healthy nutrients and does not contain preservatives. It is nature itself that cares for the health of your dearest ones!



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