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позакласного заходу з англійської мови

проведеного студенткою 4 курсу групи а/ісп

факультету іноземної філології

ХНПУ ім. Г.С. Сковороди Колоди Ксенії Володимирівни

у 9-А класі спеціалізованої школи №17 м. Харкова


Дата проведення: 5.02.09.

Час проведення: 13.20-14.05












Тема: Investigators' Travelling

Ціль: освітня: перевірка загальної ерудиції, розширити кругозір учнів;

          розвивальна: пробудити інтерес до світу, розвинути пам'ять та увагу;

          виховна: виховання патріотичних, гуманістичних та естетичних почуттів, формування моральних якостей.

Тип уроку: урок-подорож (урок-гра)

Обладнання: на дошці – британський прапор, плакат з мандрівним кораблем, плакати –острови з нaзвами "Land of History", "Land of Wild Nature" та "Land of Love", біля дошки – пісочний годинник, картки з текстом пісень, заохочувальні призи, ведучий - в одежі давнього мандрівника, аудіо магнітофон з аудіокасетою.

Час: 45хв.

Хід уроку

I. Introduction

Good afternoon, boys and girls! I'm glad to see you here today! Now we're going to have an unusual lesson. So, put everything you have aside and let's deep into the mysterious world of travelling! Imagine that we're on board of our own ship. Look at this powerful and Beautiful ship! What's the name of our ship?

-Black Pearl!

O'k, let it be! And we're going to investigate three unknown lands!

Let's play. Divide, please, into two teams. Each team should name itself somehow.


-"Young investigators"!

Very good, I like the names of your teams! Listen to me carefully. One right answer is one point. If one team answers wrong, I'll give one point to another team. Don't shout, just put up your hand. The most quickly team wins.

But first of all write down the following words – you will need them today!



to howl

a castle

a knight

domestic animals

a sward


II. The travelling

Now, let's start! Imagine, that our ship is mooring to…the Land of History! Do you like history? Why?

-I like history very much, because it is always interesting to know what was in the past, moreover, I like something mysterious…

The Land of History

1. Who did discover America? (Christopher Columbus)

2. Name the first people of America. (Indians)

3. Name the enormous animals, which lived in the ancient times. (dinosaurs)

4. Name the capital of the UK. (London)

5. Where did wait a young and beautiful princess for her knight? (In a castle)

6. Name the home of Loch Ness. (the lake in Scotland)

7. Who was the bravest man in the Medieval? (a knight)

8. Name the capital of the USA. (Washington)

9. Who is the main enemy of the God? (The Devil)

10.  Name the fantastic creatures, which could kill people with their fire. (dragons)

11.  Name the colours of the Britain's flag. (red, blue and white)

12.  Name two famous building in London. (Tower, Big Ben)

13.  Name the main arm of a knight. (a sward)

14.  What was the name of a Ukrainian knight? (a Cossack)

15.  Name the king's wife. (a queen)

O'k! And now we're going to investigate the second unknown land – the Land of Wild Nature!

What is wild nature for you? Can we live without it?

-Wild nature is something that lives according to its laws and without people; wild animals and plants inhabit wild nature. We can't live without it, of course, because wild nature supports harmony on the Earth, we can die without it – so, we have to protect it, not destroy!

I agree with you, guys! Now, be ready!

The Land of Wild Nature

1. Name four oceans of the Earth. (The Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and Arctic oceans)

2. What does an iceberg consist of? (Water)

3. Name the native land of kangaroos. (Australia)

4. Name the most dangerous tropic forests. (The jungles)

5. Name the African sister of our horse. (A zebra)

6. Name three big cats. (A lion, a tiger, a puma)

7. Name the mountain that can explode. (A volcano)

8. Which elements do you know? (Water, Air, Fire and Earth)

9. Chimpanzees, macaques are … (Monkeys)

10. Which animals do howl at nights? (Wolves)

11. Name three nature disasters. (an earthquake, a hurricane, a tornado)

12. Name three habitants of sea. (Crabs, whales, a sea horse)

13. Where is the longest wall? (In China)

14.  Name the longest African river. (The Nile)

15. What bird is the symbol of the USA? (A bald eagle)

Thank you, guys. Now let's relax and listen to one famous song about wild nature.

While you listen, don't forget to fill in the gaps.

(The song is turned on, students are working) Let's listen to it second time to sing with the singer!

I see trees of green, red roses too

I see them bloom for me and you

And I say to myself, what a wonderful world

I see skies of blue and clouds of white

Bright sunny days, dark sacred nights

And I think to myself, what a wonderful world

The colours of the rainbow are so pretty in the skies

Are also on the faces of the people walking by

I see friends shaking hands saying

How do you do?

They're really saying I love you

UI see babies cry, I watch them grow

They'll learn much more than I'll ever know

And I think to myself, what a wonderful world

Yes, I think to myself, what a wonderful world

And now our "Black Pearl" is mooring to the Land of Love! Our play is going on, don't forget! What is love for you? Explain this feeling, please.

- Love is the hottest feeling in the world, it is when you are happy and want to make happy your lovely person…

What kind of love do you know?

-Love for a person, animal, native land…There are many kinds of love!

Yes, that's really true! So, let's investigate our last unknown island!

The Land of Love

1. What feeling can melt even ice? (Love)

2. Name Shrek's wife. (Fiona)

3. Name a polite English man. (A gentleman)

4. Who does wait for a knight? (A lady)

5. Name two famous and beautiful women of our planet. (Cleopatra, Princess Diana)

6. Name the most romantic city of the Earth. (Paris)

7. What is the name of the man, who can love many women? (Don Juan)

8. Name some women's clothes. (A skirt, a dress, heeled shoes)

9. Who was Eva's husband? (Adam)

10. What flowers can defend themselves and are the most romantic ones? (Roses)

11. What fruit was the reason of discord of the goddesses? (An apple)

12. Who was the goddess of love in ancient Greece? (Aphrodite)

13. Name some men's clothes. (A tie, a jacket, trousers, boots)

14. Name the most romantic three words. (I love you)

15. Name the most romantic star. (The Moon)

O'k! I like both of teams, but according to our score, today's winner is the team…"Adventurers"! Let's applause to our winners! But in honour of today's travelling I'd like to give you some small presents – nautical talismans! Please, take them, "Adventurers" and "Young investigators"!

And now we're going to listen to the last song for today. Fill in the gaps!

Only you can make all this wealth seem bright,

Only you can make the darkness fright,

Only you and you alone can thrill me like you do,

And fill my heart with love for only you.

Only you can make all this change in me,

Oh, it's true – you are my destiny.

When you hold my hand I understand the magic that you do

You're my dreams come true, my one and only you.

III. The final part of the lesson-travelling

And now, please, write on your sheets of paper your ideas. You have two topics – "We can't live without wild nature" and "Only love can save us". Choose one idea and write some lines for me.

Thank you for you active work today. I know, you are the greatest investigators! Our "Black Pearl" is the best ship I've ever seen! The travelling is over.

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