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Реферат по английскому основной




The introduction

1. The Kiev-Mohyla Academy  is  the centre of education and science in Ukraine

2.Cultural connections of the Kiev-Mohyla Academy

3. Petro Mohyla states humaninies university in Mykolaiv.

 The conclusion

The literature





































Реферат по английскому основной






The Kiev-Mohyla Academy is the first higher educational institution outstanding cultural and educational centre in Ukraine. It was founded in 1632 in consequense of unite of Kiev brother school ( based in 1615) and school of Kiev- Pecherskaya  lavra        ( based by P. Mohyla in 1631). The Polish government refused in granting to this establishment of the status of academy, therefore till 1701 it named collegium. In XVII — XVIII  it played a role of the greatest scientific, educational, cultural centre of all people of Eastern Europe. Among the outstanding figures of the Kiev-Mohyla Academy were I. Gizel, D. Typalo ,  S.Yavorskiy,   F.Prokopovich, G. Skovoroda etc. In 1817 transformed in spiritual academy, in 1872 church-archeological community and museum were formed in the academy. In 1991 — 1992  the revival of  KMA began. Nowadays this is international independent educational institution, which graduates the specialists in humanities, public and natural sciences accordingly  to the world  standards and tries to restore high prestige and traditions of former  KMA.

The purpose of my work: to show system of education  of the Kiev-Mohyla Academy, influence of its graduates and to tell about the Nikolaev state university of  Petro Mohila.

































Реферат по английскому основной
Реферат по английскому основной






The Kiev-Mohyla Academy  for a long time was unique higher educational institution of Ukraine, Eastern Europe, all orthodox world.

The total course of education in the Kiev-Mohila Academy lasted 12 years. But taking into account that it was a higher school, the students had the right to study in without restriction in age. The students of elementary, secondary, and senior classes were not punished and couldn’t expel that they had not learnt lessons, whether were not prepared for  discussion. The reason of it could be illness, famine, cold, lack of clothes, textbooks and so on.  More over there was an opportunity to stay the on second even on the third year in the same class " to confirm of education".

There were 8 so-called ordinary classes in Academy, but the list of subjects reached  30 and more. In the first four classes of Academy, which named fara, infima, grammar and sintaksima, that were preparatory, languages were studied : church - slavic, Greek, Russian ,Ukrainian, Latin and Polish, and also arithmetics, geometry, musical singing.

 There were not age restrictions in Academy. For example, in the classes of  infima and grammar, in the second and third classes in1736/37 there were students in the age from 11 till 24 years.

 For to become the student, at first it was necessary to pass interview with prefect, which determined in what class the beginner should be enlisted. Then teacher of a class wrote down him " in the accurate register " ( реестр аккуратнiй), where  he pointed from students of estate what and when arrived and left school, and how many years old he is, and whose son . At the end of academic year the teachers gave the conclusion about successes of the students in all subjects. It was fixed in " the school catalogues ". The flexible system of an estimation of knowledge and, in some degree, abilities and diligence of the students has great importance.

The philosophers and bogoslovs  did not do home tasks and did not pass examinations. But at the end of each semester they wrote so-called " big dissertations " and supported them at the presence of all students.

The discussions  were component of educational process. It was considered, that discussions are important means of mastering of knowledge,  acquiring of erudition. After graduation of all course of education or any of the senior class the students got the certificates with the signature of the rector or prefect and  wich academic seal. The certificates about finishing " of latin classes ". to students of grammatic classes  were  given.

In Academy the interest to the European languages grows: German, French, Russian languages.

Poetic and rytoric were studied in the Academy.  There were the most favourite subjects of the students. In particular they were  interested in kants and elegy, congratulatory speeches, which it was possible to devote to the people with position, to proclaim them on public, church, academic or family holidays. We thank them because we have today  the invaluable  book" The word about Igor’s regiment" . There were even traditionssuch as poetic competitions.  The famous poets and writers are Kasian Sakovich, Lazar Baranovich, Feofan Prokopovich,  Stefan Yavorsky , Grigory  Skovoroda etc.

 There was the beginning of profesion theatre sn the Kiev-Mohyla. The Kiev-Mohyla Academy  was the centre of a philosophical idea in Ukraine:Gizel, Stefan Yavorsky, Feofan Prokopovich.

  The famous doctors studied in the Kiev-Mohyla Academy: the founder of botany and phisiotherapy N. Ambodik, I. Poletika, professor of the  Keln academy, main doctor of the Petersburg general hospital, D. Samoilovsch, who proved an opportunity an  inoculation against plague, honourable member of 12 foreign academies. Many historical books were written, and also in the Academy the students were learnt different  ways of drawing, diagrams and painting. The outstanding artists of Ukraine, who studied in the  Academy, were I. Migyra, I. Chirsky, L Tarasevich. Musical art reached the uncgrtat development in the Academy. The library of the Kiev - Mohyla  academy was unique. It was formed during two centuries.







































Реферат по английскому основной 





The students of the Kiev-Mohyla Academy were the next hetmans Y.Hmelnitcky, I.Vigonsky, P. Doroshenko, I. Bruhovetske, I. Samoilovich, I. Mazepa, P.Orlik, D.Apostle, I.Scoropadsky, P. Polubotok. They were educated people, and famous figures, they had great influence on the Ukrainian history.

The Kiev-Mohyla Academy was the first higher educational institution and  for a long time unique for all Eastern orthodox Europe.  In 40 XVII youth studied in Academy from different cities of Russia, even from such remote, as Cheboksary, Tobolsk, Arzamas and others. The graduates were the founders of schools in Russia and Byelorussia. The scientists  of Ukraine  took an important place in the of  global science and culture.The youth studied in the universities of Poland, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, England, France, Sweden.

The young scientists worked mainly in  the Academy, and also in some other educational institutions and establishments of Ukraine and Russia. Such scientists as S. Todorsky, G.Buchinsky, P. Vlachevsky etc., supported  connections with the scientists of foreign countries.

Thus, with the Kiev-Mohela Academy, which  founded bases of higher education in our country, connected extremely important stage in development of education, science, philosophy, in formation of outlook of the Ukrainian people. The ideas of humanism and public progress, feeling of humanity, national dignity, respect for other peoples, their culture, history connected with education in the Academy.

From the second half  of XVIII  ctnt. the Kiev-Mohyla Academy began to lose a priority situation of a higher school, though continued to support the achievement and traditions. Under the order of government, Synod’s decree from 14.08.1817  the Academy was closed.




















Реферат по английскому основной 






Petro Mohyla states humaninies university in Mykolaiv, higher educational institution  which subordinated to the  Ministry of education and  science of Ukraine, is one of the founders of a Complex the Kiev-Mohyla Academy. The university works by the same principles, as НаУКМА.

The idea of foundation of a complex of universities was created by the present president of КМА. Bruhuvetsky, even before  foundation the Kiev-Mohyla Academy in 1991, and now this idea has found a concrete embodiment.

 Everything began with ofoundation  of the Mykolaev branch of national university.

Nowadays there are 1750 students in the Petro Mohyla states humaninies university in Mykolaiv who study on nine directions.   There are post-graduate course on eleven directions,  the teachers of university  have already supported 6 candidate dissertations and one doctor's. The material base of university consists of ten buildings, including seven laboratorybuildings, three cafes, medical centre, student's hostel, manyflat  building for the teachers, garage, industrial workshops and others. The university own boiler-house.

There  are methodical department and computer centre in the structure of Petro Mohyla states humaninies university in Mykolaiv. The computer centre  has 150 modern computers with a satellite  access in the Internet, where more than 1200 subscribers, international, research departments, publishing centre are registered. The library, which  consist of more than 70 thousand volumes in fifteen languages of the world. 7 laboratories and methodical  rooms, two sports and training halls, conference hall.

There is a Student's scientific community at  the university, which publishes the scientific collection " Student's scientific studios ". Students can  visit American, German, Economic and other clubs. The student's theatre “Graal” annually takes part in the International festivals of French theatres, student's Ukrainian theatre actively works. The team KVN  "Diesel " successfully acts in Euro- league. The students have opportunity to try their abilities in journalism in the periodic printed edition of  Petro Mohyla states humaninies university in Mykolaiv the newspaper " Vagant", to take part in creation and realization of the television program " Vagant TV". The university has own picture gallery, where the works of  famous Ukrainian and foreign foremen are regularly demonstrated.

 There 13 sport sections in Petro Mohyla states humaninies university in Mykolaiv work, including volleyball, basketball, easy athletics, underwater navigation, sailing sports and others. The students regularly  have ecological expeditions have a practice on  own research vessel "Olvia".

Each year the students of university train in Verhovna Rada of Ukraine and Parliament of Canada. With 1998 19 students of university with the received grants studied and study abroad. Petro Mohyla states humaninies university in Mykolaiv cooperates with such foreign educational institutions, as University Quiz (Canada), University of Hanover (Germany),  Geteborg university (Sweden), Texas A&М university (USA) etc. Only for last year the teachers 10 times and the students 14 times participated in scientific and educational programmes outside Ukraine. Now award waits for four students НГГУ in Germany that they made the best computer clip about Ukraine





































Реферат по английскому основной







During all history the Ukrainian people dsd’t have other institution, which would have an influence on development of its education, science, culture, than the Kiev-Mohila Academy. Within centuries it was carrier of specific spiritual features of the Ukrainian people, powerful factor of formation of its self-consciousness, source of ideas of struggle for parental faith and national freedom. For Ukrainian she always will be a national relic, not smaller, than Padua or Bolonia for the Italians, Oxford for the Englishmen, Sorbona for the Frenchmen, Karlovy university for Czechmen, Yagelovsky for the Poles.

In the end of ХХ and in ХХІ centuries, I believe, that  the Kiev-Mohyla Academy and Petro Mohyla states humaninies university in Mykolaiv, as a part of the Academy, will glorify Ukraine and to promote  its  cultural, political and economic development.





Реферат по английскому основной





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Petro Mohyla states humaninies university in Mykolaiv







                                                              Department of political sciences



Research paper:



Реферат по английскому основной 

















Written by: Group: 231

Instructor: Kolotiy N.V.














                              Mykolaiv 2002

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